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August 2007



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Aug. 2nd, 2007



August Challenge

Well. I am a bad bad mod, letting this community go for two whole months without monthly challenges! Bad, bad mod.

So, with much more grovelling and much less ado, I present you with the challenge for August:

Let's Do the Time Warp Again/Turning Points

Yes, ladies and...ladies, it's time to roll up your sleeves and get a little AU. If you're anything like me and you've finished Deathly Hallows, you might now and then find yourself gazing out the window in the middle of the day and heaving a wistful sigh, thinking how you might have finished out the series, fantasizing about who you'd let live and to which ships you might give a swift, merciful kick. (This is sad, and sadly true.)
So, the gist of the challenge is this: take your character(s) or pairings back in time and change just one thing about their lives. It could be a single moment in time that happens just a bit differently than it does in canon; it could be your character stumbling across someone he never met canonically. What if Lily didn't have a sister? What if Hermione did? What might have happened if Dumbledore had died earlier in the series? How might things have gone if Harry had been placed in Slytherin? Re-imagine the one scene that bothers you, or put your favourite impossible ship into play and let us see what unfolds and what changes the relationship might inspire.

There are plenty of moments throughout the Potter series that are ripe for the tweaking; things otherwise insignificant that in your hands might have turned the series on its ear. This of course means plently of opportunities for Mary Sues, so I'll ask you to leave them under the bed where mine are. :) I look forward to stretching my creative muscles, and also to seeing what you all come up with.

Happy Writing!

Jun. 24th, 2007



Weekly Drabble Prompt

This is starting a bit late, much to my regret, but I hope our group finds this drabble prompt inspiring!

This week's prompt: Pick one of your favorite characters. Isolate traits you don't like about her or his personality and then write a scene where those traits are in the spotlight.

Then post your drabble to share with the comm! :D

Jun. 11th, 2007



Weekly Prompts Suggestion Post

This is a post where anyone can leave a prompt idea for the Weekly Drabble Prompt that is in the works.

Basically, every week a new drabble prompt will be posted. Hopefully the prompts will inspire authors with new ideas. To this end, I think it would be great for others to submit ideas they would like to see or think are left field. As I said earlier this week, what might be "left field" to me is quite possibly old hat for others. I know we all have fun things to contribute.

That's what this post is for. Anyone who wants to submit an idea for the weekly drabbles can leave a comment here. The post is screened, so no one can see what is submitted. Credit will of course be given with the prompt idea, unless the poster specifically requests to leave the prompt anonymous.

I plan for the prompts to be picked out of a lottery every week. Getting it set up is still being worked out. I meant to post the first weekly drabble prompt last Sunday, but I'm not quite organized enough for it yet. I'm now aiming for next Sunday. Please bear with me.

And please submit any ideas you would like to share! :)

Jun. 8th, 2007



Mod Post - MPREG Discussion / Weekly Prompt?

justholdstill asked us what we thought of MPREG: And hey, while we're at it, why don't we open up a discussion? Have you read MPREG before? Loved it? Hated it? Were indifferent? What are cliches that bother you? And who even thought of MPREG in the first place?

My feelings on MPREGCollapse )

So what makes MPREG a pleasure or a squick for all of you? What sort of MPREG would you like to read, if any? What is that elusive original idea--or ideas--that I can't come up with? I would love to see what others think about it all.

On a different subject. I would very much like to start a weekly prompt challenge. Nothing big, like our planned monthly challenges, but something that would inspire a hundred word drabble. I plan to post the first this Sunday.

This has brought up an interesting problem for me. What might be "left field" to me is quite possibly old hat for others. I've already got a small list of prompts to put up, but I think it would be fun if others could suggest prompts too. Any member of the community could just leave a comment with the idea--I'll set up a screened post for it. I'll put all of the new suggestions in my list (with given credit, of course, unless the poster would like it to remain anonymous) and pull one out lottery-style every Sunday.

Really, I'd love for everyone to get involved, toss out ideas. This is a community to inspire new ideas, after all.

Jun. 6th, 2007



Fic: Birds Fly South

This fic is less remarkable for the content than for the fact that I have been working on it and trying to finish it for two years now. I finally managed that last night, and I am so proud that I challenged myself to do it, and surpassed my own expectations.

Title: Birds Fly South
Author: justholdstill
Pairing(s): Harry/Ron/Hermione, Harry/Ron
Rating: R
Words: 4,737
Summary: Nothing, now, she has learned, is entirely platonic. It began, as far as she can remember, with a night out at the pub. A party, just like in the old days (except the holes between them where other men and women should stand, holes in the world); school chums, drunken wizards sending sparks out of the end of their wands and accidentally setting fire to one of the tables, swaying where they stand with glasses raised high in memory. Three months from the end of the war they’re already forgetting names, but they sing loud and strong and with tears in their eyes, and if this is the best they can do for their fallen comrades then Hermione thinks she understands.

Down in the village, the bells of the church are ringing, selfish little peals of laughter that trill and croon to themselves across a white morning. They wake her, not enough that she swims up out of sleep entirely, but still the clamour and light of the world stirring come to her muted and facetious as if half-dreamed.Collapse )

May. 31st, 2007



mod post - introductions - pimp my comm

Hello, left-fielders! Hope you've all got some wicked ideas in mind for our challenges, because I am really looking forward to seeing what you come up with. :)
I have two purposes for this post, so it should be short and sweet.

Firstly, I wanted to introduce you to my lovely co-mods:

myherodrowning and eiavalefay

They're here to help you and inspire you, and I think they each have some great ideas to contribute. I'm terribly excited to be working with them both, because I know this community is going to produce some damn cool stuff. ♥

Secondly; if you haven't already, PIMP, PIMP, PIMP hp_left_field! We're doing something special that I don't think has ever really been done in fandom before, and it's a concept that can only get better the more members we get involved. Tell your flist about it; you could post to your journal telling them why you like this concept and what kind of challenges we have, or you could simply recommend hp_left_field to a friend looking for a change. This type of community prospers best by word of mouth, so put the word out!

Happy writing, all!

May. 30th, 2007



mod post - mini challenge - MPREG

Well, chaps, I don't know about you, but the events that have been occurring on LJ over the past few days have got me a little depressed, so I thought I might propose a mini-challenge of sorts to cheer us up.

By now you've probably looked at the subject line and thought, "Oh god, what's she trying to make us do now", but before you run away screaming, I want to give you two links.

As Sharp as Sunlight by amanuensis1. NC-17. A squicky fate awaits our heroes after their defeat. Can anything be salvaged?

Before I'd read this, I'd never read an MPREG fic before. I knew what it was and half-listened to debate about it, but the mere idea made me roll my eyes. A lot of the MPREG out there is silly and really rather funny (though I don't think it's intended to be), but As Sharp as Sunlight is a whole different ballgame; it's dark and bleak, with a touch of humour here and there, and damned if I didn't cry the first (second, and third) time I read it. *nudges* Now go. Challenge your prejudices.

Paternity by Scribe. NC-17. Ron can no longer conceal his symptoms, and those concerned insist on trying to find out what's wrong.

This offering is a lot lighter than the first, but it's still very well written, and manages to do the two things every MPREG should: give you a logical, plausible reason for a male pregnancy, and make you believe it. One of my pet peeves with fic involving pregnancy (male or otherwise) is that it's rarely done with any sort of realism - it's rarely depicted as tedious or nerve-wracking, and often you get a rose-coloured-glasses scenario where the hero(ine) swans about being all glowy and saccharine. Not so here. Paternity is realistic, funny, and just so damn cute you can't help but love it.

This challenge sort of falls under the greater umbrella of the Yuck, I hate that pairing challenge, because I know MPREG is either a squick or a joke for most people, but if you can try reading those fics I just recced, then maybe you can find some inspiration writing it yourself, even just a drabble.

And hey, while we're at it, why don't we open up a discussion? Have you read MPREG before? Loved it? Hated it? Were indifferent? What are cliches that bother you? And who even thought of MPREG in the first place?

May. 28th, 2007



challenge number one - June - Yuck, I Hate That Pairing

Alright everybody, get your quills ready and your minds open (even if you have to use a crowbar....ew), because this is the first official hp_left_field challenge!


Putting aside my questionable attempts at humour, this month's (we're just going to pretend it's June already) challenge is Yuck, I Hate That Pairing.

Since this is the first challenge, I wanted something that would really throw you for a loop; not only do I want you to try writing the pairing that you've always said you'd never-in-a-million-years read, I want you to rock it for all it's worth. It doesn't have to be happy, or fluffy, or serious - if the fact that you can't stand them shines through, then hell, you can swing it so your characters can't stand each other. Wrack your brain for the one reason Harry and Hermione could possibly have for getting together, and do your best to convince us - or, if you just can't legitimize it, write a parody; we love the funny. If you detest Harry/Draco because of the sheer number of fans that read and write it (and because it's often rather twee), then give us something dark and complicated, that would make the average H/D fan recoil in horror. And if you can't stomach, say, Snape/Hermione because of the sheer canon impossibility, make it happen. Take a scenario you generally adore in fanfiction, and bend it to fit a ship you hate.

I'm not asking you to like it, but I am asking you to try it. I'm hoping you suprise yourself (and maybe find a new OTP!).

Happy writing!

p.s. - it would be nice if you could include an author's note with any story you post here, something that explains why it was challenging to you, or how it changed your views (or, how it didn't).

May. 27th, 2007



the catchall welcome post

Hello, everyone, and welcome to hp_left_field, a challenge community unlike any other you've seen before! The purpose of this comm is to challenge and inspire you; we want you to challenge the way you think about fandom, the way you choose what you read and write, and inspire you to write something that you never thought you could, or would. Too often we get stuck in a rut - we know what we like and of course stick to it. I've always been an advocate of reading everything you can whenever you can, because you don't know for sure that you're not going to like something until you try it, and you might end up suprising yourself.
Say you're a devoted Remus/Sirius fan (I am), but suddenly the ship isn't as interesting as it used to be; you still love the puppies but you're aching for a taste of something new. Maybe the dark attraction of Snape/Hermione gets you all hot and bothered, but you've read the same cliches so many times that your passion for the ship is only lukewarm. Maybe you read a lot of fic but never felt like you could write it. Or perhaps there's a pairing that you naturally avoid, because you find it too impossible/gross/strange/overdone, or you've just never much thought about it. Or you've grown weary of all the who-did-what-to-whom of shipping, and want to try your hand at genfic to mix things up.
Whatever your tastes, whatever your reason for wanting to try something new - hp_left_field is an open-minded community that invites you to push your boundaries and take an unexpected walk on the wild side - just because you can.

firstly, the rulesCollapse )

contact infoCollapse )

about the challengesCollapse )

Remember, fandom doesn't exist in a vacuum (*is suddenly imagining a bunch of fangirls sitting inside a Dirt Devil*), and though I'm working on pimping this comm out, these things prosper best by word of mouth, so if you like the concept, make a loud obnoxious post in your journal, and tell a friend or five about hp_left_field!