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August 2007

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eaivalefay in hp_left_field

Mod Post - MPREG Discussion / Weekly Prompt?

justholdstill asked us what we thought of MPREG: And hey, while we're at it, why don't we open up a discussion? Have you read MPREG before? Loved it? Hated it? Were indifferent? What are cliches that bother you? And who even thought of MPREG in the first place?

It's been so long I couldn't even say what my initial reaction to MPREG had been. I imagine I was surprised and slightly squicked, but I did grow to like it. Even the saccharine stuff, but I am a huge fan of fluff and comedy. In fact, some of the most memorable MPREG for me is parody, such as Fyrie's Harry Potter and the Daughter of Malfoy.

Where MPREG is concerned, the cliches that bother me are probably minuscule. It seems to me that it is nearly always done the same. Either the man is a creature who is able to bear children or he's set up with a program of potions. I would love to read an MPREG story with a different premise. I don't know what--I suppose if I did I would have tried my hand at it already, or badgered a friend into trying it for me!

So what makes MPREG a pleasure or a squick for all of you? What sort of MPREG would you like to read, if any? What is that elusive original idea--or ideas--that I can't come up with? I would love to see what others think about it all.

On a different subject. I would very much like to start a weekly prompt challenge. Nothing big, like our planned monthly challenges, but something that would inspire a hundred word drabble. I plan to post the first this Sunday.

This has brought up an interesting problem for me. What might be "left field" to me is quite possibly old hat for others. I've already got a small list of prompts to put up, but I think it would be fun if others could suggest prompts too. Any member of the community could just leave a comment with the idea--I'll set up a screened post for it. I'll put all of the new suggestions in my list (with given credit, of course, unless the poster would like it to remain anonymous) and pull one out lottery-style every Sunday.

Really, I'd love for everyone to get involved, toss out ideas. This is a community to inspire new ideas, after all.


Great idea with the prompts. I know I can use all the inspiration I can get to combat my muses' current apathy. Hence joining this neat idea of a community. ;)

MPREG - it's not for me. Not in a terrifying and traumatizing sort of way like my true squicks, but I'd just rather not. I should point out that it's not the M part that bothers me, but the PREG part. I'd be even less likely to read FPREG, to be honest. I possess no mother instincts at all, and the whole pregnancy thing freaks me out on a personal level.
Thank you! :) I just need to get the post set up. I meant to get it up days ago, but things do enjoy jumping in the way, it seems.

I've always found MPREG kind of fascinating. The idea of seeing how a man would handle it, or how society would view a man having a child. I have too many mother instincts, personally, but as of yet no interest in being one. The idea of my being pregnant freaks me out, but otherwise I'm okay with it.
MPREG is a tricky subject for me. I'm absolutely not opposed to the idea of two men having a baby, and if there are ways to go through with it in a believable manner then yes, I'm all for it.
As for actual pregnancy I somehow CAN'T see it happening and it kind of freaks me out. I can't imagine let's say Draco with a big blown-up baby belly *shudders*... and then there's the process of giving birth. Um... well, how exactly is the baby supposed to come out of his body? I mean there's just really one possible exit *coughs* It's just too weird for me to imagine. So, I've never read true MPREG stories and probably never will because it really does ick me.

As for the other possibilities I've mentioned: I've once read a science-fiction short story (it was in school and I don't remember who the author was) where some men were stranded on a planet, their space ship broken beyond repair, and they didn't want to 'die out'. So they used highly advanced medical science to impregnate the men. They implanted the foetus somewhere in the abdomen and wanted to perform a ceasarian then, but the first man to try it died during the surgery. For me, that was a realistic possibility.

I've also written a story with a friend where two guys wanted to have kids. It was set a few years in the future and there was a new possibility to implant the celular core of a sperm cell into an egg and then use a surrogate mother to carry the baby. So the baby (or babies in our case as it were twins) is genetically the offspring of two males but none of them had to be pregnant.

I'm also working on a Harry/Draco fic where there's a mystical gem involved that somehow works as 'incubator'. It's a bit complicated and would take too long to explain, but well... as you see I'm also avoiding actual pregnancy here.

So yeah, these really are the only sorts of ways I see two men having a baby. THe other stuff I just find so... well, absolutely weird. I somehow just can't see it, you know? Especially the birth itself *coughs* assbabies *coughs*