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August 2007

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justholdstill in hp_left_field

challenge number one - June - Yuck, I Hate That Pairing

Alright everybody, get your quills ready and your minds open (even if you have to use a crowbar....ew), because this is the first official hp_left_field challenge!


Putting aside my questionable attempts at humour, this month's (we're just going to pretend it's June already) challenge is Yuck, I Hate That Pairing.

Since this is the first challenge, I wanted something that would really throw you for a loop; not only do I want you to try writing the pairing that you've always said you'd never-in-a-million-years read, I want you to rock it for all it's worth. It doesn't have to be happy, or fluffy, or serious - if the fact that you can't stand them shines through, then hell, you can swing it so your characters can't stand each other. Wrack your brain for the one reason Harry and Hermione could possibly have for getting together, and do your best to convince us - or, if you just can't legitimize it, write a parody; we love the funny. If you detest Harry/Draco because of the sheer number of fans that read and write it (and because it's often rather twee), then give us something dark and complicated, that would make the average H/D fan recoil in horror. And if you can't stomach, say, Snape/Hermione because of the sheer canon impossibility, make it happen. Take a scenario you generally adore in fanfiction, and bend it to fit a ship you hate.

I'm not asking you to like it, but I am asking you to try it. I'm hoping you suprise yourself (and maybe find a new OTP!).

Happy writing!

p.s. - it would be nice if you could include an author's note with any story you post here, something that explains why it was challenging to you, or how it changed your views (or, how it didn't).


Question (I hope it's okay to ask questions as I'm new to this group ^^): When's the deadline?

And it doesn't have the pairing we hate the MOST, does it? Just one we can't stand, right? Because well I really wouldn't want to write something like Hagrid/Harry because... yuck³ :D I'm still pondering, though. There are so many possibilities... Hm. Maybe I should prog a random pairings generator for it ;)
La la.... I should maybe read the guidelines first... *flush* Err... ok, so no deadline. Thanks...