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and now for something completely different...

the fic community that challenges you to change the way you think about fandom

Out of Left Field
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Out of Left Field:
The Harry Potter fanfiction community that dares you to do something different.

Are you the sort of person who will never-in-a-million-years read or write Harry/Hermione? Take a chance and write the one instance you could think of them having a reason to get together, no matter how farfetched or banal.

A slash purist? Turn things upside-down by trying your hand at a het relationship. Or, try girl/girl instead of boy/boy.

Never written anything longer than a thousand words before? No problem. Throw yourself headfirst into that novella you've always secretly wanted to write.

Stuck in a Remus/Sirius rut? Secretly loathing your OTP because it's always the same? Think of the strangest pairing this side of giant sqid/whomping willow and inject a bit of fresh air into your stale writing routine.

Does the flist think you're as pure as the driven snow, when nothing makes you happier than ropes and leather? This is the place to show them just how kinky your fic can be.

Does sailing your ships have you seasick? Settle your stomach with some gen.

Known for your tooth-achingly sweet fluff? Stun your flist and the world with a hard-edged portrayal of the war years. No Happy Endings need apply.

Whether you're looking to shake things up a little or a lot, if you're looking to be more open-minded about HP fandom, if you like a challenge and want to try something you've never tried before, hp_left_field is the place for you.

When posting stories, the following format (or similar) is encouraged:

Word Count:
Prompt/Challenge (if applicable):

hp_left_field: The Harry Potter fanfiction community that dares you to do something different.

You might want to read the welcome post to help you get acquainted (it also contains our few rules).
Have fun, and try something new. Whaddya wanna bet you'll love it?

-Disclaimer: All the characters herein are the intellectual property of one Ms. J.K. Rowling. We seek to make no profit from playing with them, only to have some fun and better our writing skills.-
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